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Gunnie Panic

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TCB Firearms

TCB Firearms

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While i am grateful for the several hundred percent increase in transfer requests...people need to chill out.
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RANT MODE ON! :shout:
Lately all of the "chatter" on the interwebs about bans, confiscation, UN treaties etc.... Glen Beck and Alex Jones need to be punched in the balls. The ones who parrot the panic without reading the historical and current context of what some nut job posts need worse. I am TIRED if being the reasonable one, and am under no illusion there is not a threat to our general rights and the 2A even more so. However, that threat is no greater than it was last month (or year ago for that matter).

Stay safe and be as informed as you can be ladies and gentleman :pardon:


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There you go Jason, underutilizing a perfectly good panic. :yahoo:

Or, in the word of the current administration, wasting a perfectly good panic.



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It kinda cracks me up. We have essentially the same government we've had for the last two years. D President, D Senate, R House. Even if Obama decides that since he isn't going to run again he can go full retard on gun control, he'll never get anything through the House. Even the Senate would be an uphill battle for him at this point. He can try executive orders and ATF policy shenanigans, but a new AWB (or handgun ban, or magazine ban) is way beyond his reach.

I've received two different e-mails from Botach trying to off-load those Surefire 60- and 100-round magazines. "Buy them now before they get banned!" :rolleyes: Shysters....


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Jason damnit! No one here is interested in your rational thought!

RJ of AZ

RJ of AZ

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there is a whole lot of vendors who are driving this panic, with their advertising, and then the nra mailings and crap.

I've been trying to order some needed items to complete some builds, and most web sites say "call for price' yep back to the old let me set a new price today, it'll be higher than yesterday.

oh well, can't fix it, don't wanna join it, but sure wished I had a part of it.
happy thursday.

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