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Training (non-Firearms directly)

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Some of you know, others don't so hang in there though the pretext....
A year ago this month I awoke one panic had set in. No real reason, there was no bump in the night, no night terror, nothing but a gut feeling. I asked my self: "If bad happened RIGHT NOW do i have the ability to protect my family and win?"
The best answer i could come up with was "maybe, but i just really don't know." I freaked and hit the interwebs asking for some help.
In the past 12 months i have taken 5 handgun classes, a defensive carbine and a defensive shotgun class. While i can confidently say that yes, i feel i can act now my journey is far from over.
Next year I hope to maintain (at a minimum) the handgun work, and add in some medical training. As a bonus and by coincidence (no such thing but that is the most fitting word) about 6 months ago my kids wanted to start training Brazilian Ju Jitsu. Today I took my first steps and started training parts of my body that have not worked out that way in over 20 years...In extreme pain :shout: from fatigue, I cannot wait for the near future when progress can be felt. I have now started a hybrid "Judo Revolution" that takes Judo throws and BJJ ground game and mixes them up with current MMA fight experience. Holy shit that was fun and hard.

My point in all of this has a few ideas I have been kicking around...
-Owning a gun does NOT provide you the ability to defend yourself or family...TRAINING DOES.
-If you want to learn how to put holes in people, there is a chance that you may have to plug some too. Get CURRENT training, a lot has changed over the years.
-Develop a "training plan" and start it now. No one has "enough" and next time might be too late. Start small with obtainable goals, everyone will have a different situation but there are options for everyone.
-Ask for help, and amazingly people will. This is why I truly cherish being an active member in the firearms community.

While i am proud of my growth, and wear it as a badge of is nothing compared to the feeling i have being confident that i can act appropriately and decidedly. I will do everything i can to WIN, and if I somehow don't i can honestly know i have given it my all.
From an un-attributed poem i found on the internet:

If I must die,

Then let this rain day pour my blood

With long forgotten valor,

A worthy end for song or silence

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